Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Egypt's Treasure Guardians on National Geographic Channel

During season 8, the Gebel el Silsila team was visited by members of the London-based production company DSP, filming on behalf of the National Geographic Channel. We would like to share with you a few 'behind the scenes' images captured during their stay!

Surveying the land
Doctoral student Moamen explaining his work
Rock art and Middle Kingdom inscriptions
Snippets of what was recorded is now aired all over the world, and had its start in Australia, followed by the UK, US, and eventually in the individual countries broadcasting NG. Later this year, a longer version of this first program will be aired on American PBS. If successful and well greeted, who knows, there may be more snippets released...

Documenting a newly discovered game board

Connecting Silsila with the Temple of Kom Ombo
Meet the team
Egypt's Treasure Guardians
The city of Karnak

More Rock Art
Surveying the land
The glorious Nile Stelai
Explaining rock art

It has been a great honor for the Silsila team to be included among other great scholars, scientists and people who all are connected in the task of safekeeping Egypt's heritage. We hope you will enjoy the program as much as we did recording it!

Viewing the gorgeous landscape
Doctoral student Moamen Saad
Didi filming

Prof. Salima Ikram and John discussing bone matters...

The team on site during filming

see you soon...