Monday, September 03, 2012

Gebel el Silsila Epigraphic Survey Project 2012

Earlier today we received the wonderful news from Dr. Ismail on behalf of the Permanent Committee and the Supreme Council of Antiquities that our application for conducting an epigraphic survey of Gebel el Silsila has been approved!

This blog will act as a platform for news, images and updates on the project.
For now, we look forward to heading up to Cairo and the SCA office in Zamalek to sign the papers, and to begin our epigraphical surveying in the middle of September!



  1. Mabruk! Very excited to see what your survey reveals--keep up the great work!

  2. wishing all the best for your team I love this place too much....... I will follow you of course and may be I will meet you when I'm sailing on the Nile and I stop at Silsila! Alf Mabruk!

    Gebel Silsila is the name given to a rocky gorge between Kom Ombo and Edfu where the Nile narrows and high sandstone cliffs come down to the waterfront. There was probably a series of rapids here in ancient times, dangerous to navigate, which naturally forms a border between the regions of Elephantine (Aswan) and Edfu. In pharaonic times the river here was known as Khennui, the "place of rowing. On the west side there is a large column of rock that has been dubbed "The Ratchet" because of a local legend that there was once a chain (Silsila in Arabic) which ran from east to west Banks. Arthur Weigall in his "Antiquities of Egypt" Silsila indicates that the name is a corruption of the Roman Egyptian original name for the city-Khol Khol, which means a barrier or border.