Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A thank you to all our great inspectors and general directors!

Following the relatively new find of the unique stela of Amen-Ra and Thoth, and of course the latest news on the discovery of the temple, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to all the inspectors who have been assigned to the project so far, and of course to the General Directors of Aswan - Mr. Nasr Salam (and previously Mr. Hakim Karar and Mr. Fathy Abuzied) - and Kom Ombo - Mr. Abd el Menum. We could not have achieved such success without your support and cooperation, and we consider it a true honor working side-by-side with you all.


Mr. Nasr Salama, Abd el Menum, Ahmed Sayed, Mohamed Ali, Khaled Shawky, Hassan Mohamed, Mustafa MohamedMohamed Ahmed, Mohamed Mohsen, Essam el-Deen Mahmoud, Mostafa el-Far, Mohamed Hamdy, Mohamed Hassan,  Mostafa Mohamed, Sayed Mahmoud, Mohamed Ibrahim and Ashraf Mohamed!

Noble visit to Silsila by the Swedish Ambassador, Charlotta Sparre, with husband, and embassy colleague Radoslav Zivkovic, greeted by Aswan General Director Mr. Nasr Salama, and the Kom Ombo Inspectorate represented by General Director Abd el Menum, Ahmed Sayed and Khaled Shawky, and the team members John, Maria and Moamen Saad.

Front figures: General Directors Abd el Menum (left) and Nasr Salama (right)

Great colleague and dear friend, Ahmed Sayed

Mustafa Mohamed, Inspector 2015

Hassan Mohamed, Inspector 2015

Mostafa el-Far, Inspector 2013

John and Ahmed Sayed after the discovery of the cartouche of Ramses II at the temple of Kheny

Mustafa Mohamed and Ashraf Mohamed

Ahmed Sayed

Mohamed Ibrahim (alas Hamada), Inspector 2014

Mohamed Mohsen, Inspector 2013

Mustafa el-Far, Inspector 2013

Essam el-Deen, Inspector 2013

Essam el-Deen

Khaled Shawky, Inspector 2014

General Director of Aswan, Mr. Nasr Salama

Maria (and Carter) with General Director of Kom Ombo, Mr. Abd el Menum

Mr. Nasr Salama in the Main Quarry

Great friends and colleagues in the Main Quarry

Mohamed Hamby, Inspector 2014

part of the team 2014 including ceramic expert Sarah K. Doherty

Mohamed Mohsen

Hassan Mohamed

Essam el-Deen

Mohamed Hassan, Inspector 2014

Ashraf Mohamed, Inspector 2012

Mustafa Mohamed

Mohamed Hamdy

Sayed Mahmoud, Inspector 2014

Mustafa Mohamed, Inspector 2014

Mustafa Mohamed

Mohamed Hassan

Mohamed Ibrahim and Hassan Mohamed

Mr. Nasr Salama greeting Swedish Ambassador Charlotta Sparre

Khaled Shawky

Mohamed Ahmed, Inspector 2013

Mr. Abd el Menum with Egyptologist Dr. Philippe Martinez

Mr. Abd el Menum greeting Swedish Ambassador Charlotta Sparre

Mr. Nasr Salama and Maria

Ahmed Sayed, Khaled Shawky and Abd el Menum

Our General Directors with the lovely and wise Swedish Ambassador 

Maria and Ahmed Sayed

Abd el Menum with Charlotta Sparre in the speos

Join the Friends of Silsila!

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