Sunday, April 12, 2015

Busy bees

Where did time go? An entire month has passed since our last blog post, then promising continuous updates and images from the field... Now more than ever, Madam Silsila has kept us busy, so much so that we find ourselves in the latter part of our spring season and with discoveries and experiences that surpasses our wildest expectations when arriving here in the beginning of March.
So, what have we been up to? Well, the exact details will have to wait, but archaeological focus has been on the northern corridor in the Main Quarry and 'Tiberius' Stables'; the ceramic analysis moved on with Pottery Hill; Egyptian epigraphy was (re-)recorded in the east bank monuments as well as in the rock-cut temple of the west (the speos) and the Nile stelae in the south.

In addition to the already introduced members, the season has included geological studies by one of our scientific 'giants', Jim Harrell; epigraphy by our other 'giant' Philippe Martinez; archaeo-ceramic studies by Sarah K. Doherty; and digital recording by Stefan Lindgren (3D) (and the team is soon to be joined by digital recorder Kevin Cain). In addition, the team has been blessed with the lovely visits by ARCE's epigraphic fieldschool under J.J. Shirley and  Will Schenck, as well as Dutch Mehen.

There is so much to summarize, but with so little time, we will leave you now with a photographic summary of the season so far.

Reis Shihad

Maria and Carter ready for another day of fieldwork
photo by Huib
John looking dapper as per usual

Liz and Hassan

Like previous seasons, Silsila always present nature's wonderful scenery

flagging the survey area

Kom Ombo's great inspectors and conservators...

... at work! 
work continues in the northern corridor of Q34

planning work in Tiberius' Stables

morning cuddles on the way out

prominent visit by General Director of Aswan, Mr. Nasr Salama; General Director of Kom Ombo, Mr. Abd el Menum, and members of the great inspectorate

Chef Abdallah!

Planning visit by Alex and Rob from DSP

morning capture of Hassan within the speos at dawn

another gorgeous sunrise over the east bank

birthday party for Nanny Sussie

Mr. Carter - born to protect the Silsila Team!

Soon to be a doctor, Mr. Moamen Saad on his way to continue documenting the Nile Stelae

Parts of the Silsila Team 2015

ARCE's epigraphic team on visit

Nanny Sussie with Freja and proud mother 

Will, J.J. & Maria

ARCE's epigraphic students with a few members of the Silsila Team, including Moamen on the scaffolding; a huge thank you to John Shearman and ARCE for lending us the scaffolding and ladders!

Our French Einstein, Dr. Martinez, arriving with gifts to Lady Freja

and with Belgian chocolate to the team!

another glorious day at Silsila

Digital recorder Stefan Lindgren

early morning photography

Our Geological Giant Jim Harrell discussing tool marks with Maria

3 men and a baby... (L-R: Philippe Martinez, John Ward, James Harrell, and of course baby Freja)

gorgeous sunset over the speos

Philippe, Jim, Maria and John in a moment of great discussion!