Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Gebel el Silsila General overview images

overviewing the main quarry 

Serving as a foundation of information for this season's mission at Gebel el Silsila East, our previous visits to the site have resulted in a rich photographic library: here we would like to share with you a series of overview photos to introduce you to the site with all its natural beauty! 

view from inside one of the main galleries
overlooking Silsila West

the unfinished criosphinx facing Silsila West

the "green quarry", an ancient quay now completely overgrown

one of many central road systems with associated pathways

overlooking the main quarry

partly ancient this quarry was used for the Esna barrage 1906-9

overlooking the cenotaphs on Silsila West

Quarries and cenotaphs on Silsila West

entry via water-side to these cenotaphs

cenotaphs and stelai

The Nile at its narrowest at Gebel el Silsila 

Main quarry at Silsila East

Speos of Horemheb, Silsila West

topic of main interest: quarry marks!

series of quarries at Silsila West

another carefully carved quarry mark depicting a lotus within a lotus

Silsila West, north

overview from Silsila West to East

the typical Greek inscription expressing adoration

quarry marks on Silsila East

one of the corridors leading in and out of the main quarry, Silsila East

Hopefully, by the end of next week, we will return with some updates on this season's epigraphic survey! 

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